Accessories For Adventurers And  Intrepid

Accessories For Adventurers And Intrepid

Accessories For Adventurers


A classic bondage accessory , handcuffs allow “endearing” games in which one partner surrenders to the other’s caresses without being able to defend himself since his hands and / or ankles are tied. There are a wide variety of models, ranging from the soft silk version to leather ties and links with metal spikes … To be chosen according to your wishes and the level of desire to explore.

The Whip

In order to master the art of spanking or slapping in general, there are again a number of objects such as whips, fags or other swifts. It is a flagship article of BDSM since apart from bondage, all areas can be found there: relations of domination, sadomasochism, discipline and punishment. Depending on the desired pleasures, the use of the whip will range from a deep caress to more expressive whipping. The art is knowing how to stop in time.

Accessories For The Intrepid

The Gag

It can be used in role-playing games where, for example, one will simulate a kidnapping with his hostage whose cries are stifled … Just like the handcuffs and the blindfold, it is also the means of amputating the partner of a capacity , in this case speech. The loss of expression is then equated with the pleasure of punishment and the excitement caused by the anguish created. The most common and famous model is the ball gag.

The Nipple Clamp

Emblem of the BDSM accessory, the principle of this object usable by both men and women is the stimulation of the nipples squeezed more or less strongly depending on the model and the choice of partners. This pressure alters blood circulation and provides a subtle blend of pleasure and pain. The fact that the nipple clamp makes the nipples sensitive also limits the movements of its user, which also gives it a role of bondage.

And Many Others…

The list of BDSM accessories is long and we could still talk about harnesses, camisoles and other accessories that restrict movement; one could also cite collars with leash for submissive games or instruments which are more oriented towards pain such as those which call upon electrostimulation …

The Game’s Rules

All these erotic approaches that revolve around pain, humiliation or punishment must be governed by rules so that no limits are exceeded. Thus, people who have such relationships usually enter into some kind of oral or written contract that defines the scope of the games so that each knows the other’s limits.

To this contract is also added the use of a “safe word”, a kind of magic word which, as soon as it is pronounced, puts an end to the game immediately. Because BDSM is not a quest for pain as we sometimes think, but the art of always approaching a little more limits without ever exceeding them …

BDSM Accessories